I’ve done a total of 6.5 hrs. Got Derek to write up my book. It was a quiet day today. Taking the next couple of weeks off for holidays. And then I’ll be back.

I have enjoyed my time in Barnardo’s getting to know the regulars, the till, a bit about pricing and restocking the shelves. On the whole it’s been great. I did really enjoy working with Catlin our work experience person. I was sad to learn that she was not going to come back.  I think I’ll continue with Barnardo’s though.


Has been blogging. Although most of my post are quite short. I’ll have probably spent about half an hour thinking about what to write. Tonight I got a lesson on word press from Alison about using the site. I’ve now got categories and tags.

I spent about two hours updating my site.


———- Forwarded message ———
From: Emma Davies <>
Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2018 at 12:41
Subject: Blog for Voyage TNS510A 12th September to 15th September
To: Caroline barr <>
Hi Caroline
I hope you had a good weekend.
I spoke to you last week regarding the blog you had written for your voyage on Tenacious on the ship’s laptop.
I asked the ship if they could send it to us, and I’m so sorry to let you know but there’s been a problem with the machine and they haven’t been saved.  They also weren’t able to print a hard copy either as paper supplies on board are low.
Please accept my apologies that we weren’t able to to publish it on our website and send a copy to you.
If I can be of any further help please let me know.

Emma Davies | Volunteer Administrator

Jubilee Sailing Trust, 12 Hazel Road, Southampton, SO19 7GA
Tel: 02380 449108 | Email: | 


The Jubilee Sailing Trust promotes the integration of physically disabled and able-bodied people through the medium of tall ship sailing.


This is a confidential email message to the intended recipient.  Should you not be the intended recipient, please delete this message from your computer and notify the Jubilee Sailing Trust immediately.  Any amendments, disclosure, copying or distribution of this email in any form after it was sent by the Jubilee Sailing Trust is strictly prohibited. VAT Registration: GB755104742 Registered Charity: 277810.

So my report is done from my memory!


Well I went up the rigging. With support from the wonderful Micheal (I know that is not how you spell his name) and the tremendous Hannah and Micheal Fourman on my rope.

It was actually easier than I thought it would be. One foot after the other you can only go up. I rationalised it by saying to myself. It would not look good if they lost someone overboard.

The view was great. It wasn’t that cold even although I am a bit over wrapped up. Being used to the frozen north.

This gave me the biggest boost to the confidence I think I never had. I have come back home, I’m looking for a new job!

Tenacious London To Portsmouth

On that night watch Ben and our watch we had to set a sail! Which wasn’t easy as we hadn’t even been up that end of the ship.

The lift which I was using by this time, decided to attack me by nocking me on the head.

The sail got changed we pulled on ropes although we had no idea what we were doing. Ben did an excellent job quietly, Anyway 12 o’clock came and went and the new watch came on. We all went to bed!

End of first day.


This was my first view of her. It took my breath away. At this point I was feeling sick, needed the toilet, and quite frankly I was pooping my pants.

This is my worried face. I don’t do travel. Because I find the unknown really difficult.
Turning 50 this year and having a life limiting condition for the past 37 years and I always played it safe. This was the year I was going to start taking risks. Abet calculated. I’d been aware of the jubilee sailing trust for years. So I signed up for my first voyage on Tenacious at the same time I decided to do discovery award which is basically DofE for old people.

I met Peter my watch leader. My sister informed him I hadn’t had much sleep. I’m not skilled at sleeping. I met Karyn my buddy. We hit it off straight away. I was so relieved because that was going to make or break this trip.

My sister went to work. I was left with Karyn and the duvet! Seven goes to get it on her duvet five for mine and much laughter. We called that session Duvet Gate!

Then it was stores. I was next to Andrew who was very considerate and told me the weight of everything before I took it from him.

Then disaster struck I was helping Andrew of the step on the gang plank the next thing I knew was Andrew and me were rolling in the netting of gang plank. Daz was there as quick as a flash. Got me up reassured Andrew. There was no big fuss. I thought that was it for me I’d be turfed off the boat. But no it was just part of life on board. Andrew survived the roll in the netting with me ! He was even still talking to me.

Next I was on mess duty set some tables with Bruce. I managed to rinse all the plates etc. My back was really sore by this point, so after that I went for a wee horizontal. Then I was on eight to midnight watch Duty. We also had a fire drill for some reason I was naked when It went of my clothes have never gone on so fast. Just to stop rumours before they start there was no body else involved in the nakedness. This caused Daz to utter the the immortal words you don’t need socks you need to move.”


First I warm up

Then I do 10 of below exercise without the block at the moment.

This is my excuse for my gluts which is basically my bum muscles.

Then I’ll move on to the TRX machine where I ll do 10 squats

10 push ups

10 pull ups.

Today I was in at work did some of equity and diversity training. Looked into see my good friend Tanya for about 20mins had a chat with her.

Picked up my lock from Nelson Hall.


Meeting with Colin today

At 1400 hours at Cult Espresso I had my meeting with Colin from the Discovery Award.

He registered me. I explained about Mx title.

I told him about my plans with my fitness. So we agreed that getting out a chair with no hands would be an great achievement.

My hobby is going to be blogging about the achievements and the ups and curves of this perambulation.

My service in the Community is going to be volunteering in Barnardos. More about that later.

My discovery challenge is going to be TALL SHIPS.

I am now 50 years young…..

I’ve had a disability for the last 37 years of that life.

This is me at my christening.

Yes I know I look a bit like Winston Churchill, but in a dress and with hair.

I was blessed to be born, into a very supportive family.

I have got two really cool parents.

It has just taken me 50 years to realise that.

My disabilities have held me back to a certain existent.

Definately financially.  Then money doesn’t bring you happiness.  I can say I’m content with my life and most of my life choices.  I got my duke of edinburgh gold award when I was 25., and now at 50 I am embarking on my Discovery Award.

Discovery and me