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Greener shopping choices

I try to shop as green as I can,

Take your own shopping bags I include little cloth bags for loose fruit. I know at the moment that might not be as appealing. You do what you can and feel comfortable with.

When buying fruit and vegetables, shop local and shop seasonally Our own vegetables and fruit are a lot fresher and taster, try a blind taste test, is something fun to do while on lockdown. I’m also vegetarian, which is much cheaper than buying meat. If you cut back your meat consumption it’s always a start. You can replace meat with lentils or soya, you will find that you use herbs and seasoning a lot more. I don’t miss meat I have had about 3 bacon rolls in the last year and a half. It’s important to do what you feel comfortable with.

Do what you feel ok with.

Clothes are my thing, buy from charity shops or eBay so giving new life to clothes gives be me a buzz. Saving money and finding a bargain gives me a huge kick!

I also treat myself to shoes and where I can I recycle shoes or mend them.

It’s also important not to feel deprived with any life change.

Which will be published in Time a magazine for sustainablity

Published by The Duchess

I have a disabilities and I’m doing a Discovery Award. Here is more about discovery

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