I am now 50 years young…..

I’ve had a disability for the last 37 years of that life.

This is me at my christening.

Yes I know I look a bit like Winston Churchill, but in a dress and with hair.

I was blessed to be born, into a very supportive family.

I have got two really cool parents.

It has just taken me 50 years to realise that.

My disabilities have held me back to a certain existent.

Definately financially.  Then money doesn’t bring you happiness.  I can say I’m content with my life and most of my life choices.  I got my duke of edinburgh gold award when I was 25., and now at 50 I am embarking on my Discovery Award.

Discovery and me


Published by The Duchess

I have a disabilities and I’m doing a Discovery Award. Here is more about discovery https://padlet.com/colmitch/ymdugticy4q5j9un

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